I believe I can help you to feel confident in supporting your young child's talking and speaking.

I'm Bonny Marsh and I am a Speech Pathologist with over 20 years experience working with parents and carers of young children.

If you are worried about what your little one is saying or not saying....

If you are not too sure who to talk to about it or what you can do to understand more....

Then I can help you.

We can work together to help you understand what your child is doing and give you tools and tips to help them along.
If you are ready to feel peace of mind and learn powerful, everyday tools to support your young child's talking then you are in the right place.
It will be like having your own Speech Pathologist in the comfort of your home, On a time frame that suits you and is flexible.

Three sessions - via Zoom
We will talk about and explore the behaviours you are seeing with your child that have you concerned. 

We will devise some simple action steps for you to effectively help your child were they are at right now. ​​​​​​​

 You will develop an understanding about where your child's communication development is at. You will learn how to support them to move to the next step.
Our focus will be on learning about what is working and where it is breaking down. Then building on this.

Feel confident in the knowledge that you are your child's greatest teacher and you will learn evidence based strategies to support them.
No fancy toys, gadgets or apps required. 
Clear planning and goal setting for all.
Special Offer $147
Three half hour sessions  

No waiting lists to see a Speech Pathologist
We can record our conversations if you want to share them with your partner or other primary carers (Grandparents, Day Care Teachers)
Strengths based and family centred insights.
Roslynn Higgins said "Bonny was amazingly helpful and caring at supporting me in learning what was "normal" for my child's speech development and fun light hearted ways to encourage my daughter's development. She helped alleviate my worrys and concerns and empower me to keep supporting my little girl in ways that help my daughter feel good about herself and her communication. Thank you Bonny"